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IC5070 – Pelican Nebula (Part 2)

As a follow up to my previous IC5070, I wanted to post a three night stack. This is roughly 20 hours of data.

Now, I’ll admit that this is only a relatively quick edit… I’ve been busy with work and family things. But still, it’s amazing the difference between one night and three.

It should be pretty obvious that the color palette is different from my previous post. The colors here looked far better than the changed palette in the previous this time around to my eyes at least.

Additionally, I don’t feel I have enough data to effectively remove the rotational walking noise. Maybe another 2-4 nights to remove it and bring out all that wispy’ness!

The biggest issue that I am still learning to deal with are the blown out stars. I’m sure this is due to the optics in the passengers… ie it could be resolved by going diy (which I do plan on!).

Anyways, until next time, thanks!

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