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IC5070 – Pelican Nebula

It’s been a hot minute. To be honest, it’s been very cloudy here in Texas. And when it wasn’t cloudy, I was busy testing the new Vaonis Vespera Pro.

I’ll write on it soon, but it was very unsuccessful; I ended up returning it.

So, this is the first imaging in the summer of 2024 with the Vaonis Vespera Passengers.

  • Dates
    • 2023.06.23
  • Integration Time: 390 minutes (~6 hours)
  • Gear:
    • Vaonis Vespera Passengers
      • 200mm
      • f/4

Edited in Siril. There is very obviously some rotational walking noise since the Vespera Passengers is Alt/Az.

This time I didn’t use the mosaic mode. My thinking is that the mosaic mode has some serious penalties to capture time. If I can get in another several nights of imaging, I should be able to stack and remove the walking noise.

As always, here’s the video from the capture.

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